Moody Point – NEWMARKET, NH



Moody Point is a private homeowner’s association along the western banks of Great Bay in Newmarket and includes a diverse mix of habitats and shoreline uses contributing to erosion. The Moody Point Community Association wanted the design team to address shoreline erosion, improve kayak storage and water access, and protect their salt marsh. The project focused along the shoreline where the community association has a screenhouse and kayak storage adjacent to their water access.


The preliminary designs developed through the Great Bay Living Shoreline Project are meant to illustrate techniques to incorporate softer/green techniques into shoreline stabilization projects in coastal NH.  The preliminary designs are not final, have not been granted regulatory approval, and are insufficient for construction. Advancing preliminary designs through subsequent steps of project development will require assistance from an environmental consulting firm to finalize: site assessment, engineering designs, permit applications, and construction specifications. 

Design Team Materials

Below are links to the team’s design memo, design plans, recorded presentation given at the final workshop in April 2022, and additional suggestions and comments to consider if the project moves forward.

Design Team

The Moody Point Design Team was comprised of six professionals with backgrounds in engineering, ecology, and landscape architecture.


  • Troy Barry, Fluvial Geomorphologist/Stream Restoration Specialist – Tighe & Bond
  • Cheryl Coviello, P.E., Professional Engineer – GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
  • Stephen Herzog, Ecologist – Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc.
  • Cornelius Murphy, Landscape Architect – Whole Systems Design Collective, LLC
  • Conor Ofsthun, Coastal Scientist – Woods Hole Group
  • Wickie Rowland, Landscape Designer – Independent