A Perspective on NH’s King Tides & Climate Change Outlook from a Hurricane Maria Responder

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 | Doors open at 6:30pm | 3S Artspace in Portsmouth, NH


December 16, 2019 | By: Abigail Lyon & Nathalie Morison

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November 12, 2019 | Portsmouth, NH

Who We Are

The New Hampshire Coastal Adaptation Workgroup (CAW) is a collaboration of 24 organizations working to assist communities in NH’s coastal watershed to prepare for the impacts of extreme weather and long term climate change…

What We Do

Since 2009, CAW partner organizations have worked together and partnered with communities on nearly 100 projects totaling more than $6 million in grant funding.


CAW works with communities and other partner organizations to hold regular workshops and events and share stories about creative resilience solutions in coastal New Hampshire.

Learn More about the NH Coastal Viewer

Explore the NH Coastal Viewer – A user friendly online mapping tool that combines spatial data about coastal watershed resources and hazards together in one place for you.

Our Mission

To assist communities in New Hampshire’s coastal watershed to prepare for the impacts of extreme weather and long term climate change by providing resources, facilitation, and guidance that enhance readiness and resilience.

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Metro Manila and the San Francisco Bay Area: History, wealth, and the political and personal choices that people make today will shape how they fare as climate change inevitably brings the water to their doorsteps.