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Climate in the Classroom: Oyster River Middle School II

The Northeast Regional Ocean Council (NROC) team engaged with teachers as well as students and their parents in a collaborative process for gaining and demonstrating community support on municipal climate resiliency. NROC partnered with four 5th-grade teachers at the Oyster River Middle School (two of whom participated in the 2016 pilot program) and planned and facilitated two community events where students presented posters about climate change to parents and municipal leaders at the school gymnasium. Seventy-seven parent/guardian questionnaires were completed, gathering much information about past storm experiences and emergency preparedness. Over 80 students and about 120 parents/guardians were engaged in the program.

Project Lead

University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension and New Hampshire Sea Grant


New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Coastal Program

Time Frame

Start: July 1, 2017
End: December 31, 2018

Students present a poster about climate change at a Climate in the Classroom event