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Wagon Hill Farm Living Shoreline Phase III

 The tidal shoreline along Wagon Hill Farm is exhibiting considerable erosion, partially the result of foot traffic along the shoreline. The erosion has been exacerbated by natural conditions including wind, wave, ice action, and shading from mature trees on the bank. This erosion is continuing to degrade shoreline and salt marsh habitats and has negative impacts on wildlife, shellfish, and fish habitats. Following two phases of work to monitor, plan, and design the restoration project, this project will permit and construct a living shoreline salt marsh restoration project along 300 linear feet of eroding Wagon Hill Farm shoreline along with stormwater drainage management and new site access amenities. 

Field Trip of the Wagon Hill Farm Living Shoreline Project

Project Lead

Town of Durham


New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Aquatic Resource Mitigation Program

$250,000 + town match

Time Frame

Start: November 2018
End: Monitoring through 2025

Hampton Beach State Park community dune grass garden

Photo album in chronological order from August 2019 to April 2017