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Seabrook Pilot Project

Rockingham Planning Commission (RPC) worked with the Town of Seabrook to develop strategies/methods to identify and protect areas of increased risk from coastal flooding due to climate change. The elements of this project were to conduct research on present consensus estimates of sea level rise effecting the New England coast, review approaches taken by other states and communities in responding to this threat, develop maps identifying the areas of increased risk to flooding from sea-level rise specific to Seabrook, and finally to identify the various regulatory and non-regulatory options that should be considered by Seabrook to protect the Town from this potential risk. Products included a final report to summarize the work and maps of areas vulnerable to flooding, as well as suggestions to regulate future development of these areas.

Project Lead

Rockingham Planning Commission


New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Coastal Program

Time Frame

Start: July 1, 2008
End: June 30, 2010

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