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Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge Adaptation Analysis via COAST

The primary objective of this project was to provide support for climate adaptation planning processes in South Portland, ME, and the Hampton/Seabrook estuary in NH. Working in partnership with Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership (PREP) and Casco Bay Estuary Partnership (CBEP), the New England Environmental Finance Center (EFC) provided visual, numeric, narrative, and presentation products based on the COAST decision-support tool (COastal Adaptation to Sea-level rise Tool). These products can help galvanize support for processes underway and represent specific action items stakeholders can evaluate. At public meetings of local stakeholder groups, the EFC provided 1) single-event snapshot visualizations of 3D extruded values for each action and no-action scenario; 2) multi-decade tallies of cumulative expected damages under each adaptation scenario; and 3) interpretation of avoided costs associated with each adaptation action under consideration. Dialogue was solicited about implications for possible subsequent local action.

Project Lead

GEI Consultants, Inc., Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership, Casco Bay Estuaries Partnership, University of NH


Environmental Protection Agency

Time Frame

Start: July 3, 2010
End: December 31, 2012

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