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NH Coastal Risk MAP Product Development

The objective of this project is to produce a suite of non-regulatory, Risk MAP products to accompany the updated floodplain maps for the NH Coastal Mapping project. Collectively, they extend the utility of the maps and reports, encourage community utilization and understanding, and facilitate more efficient floodplain management. Products developed include Changes Since Last DFIRM (a comparison of the new floodplain data relative to the previously effective data), Limit of Moderate Wave Action (an informational layer on the floodplain maps that defines the landward limit of the 1.5-foot wave), Coastal Flood Depth Grids (containing coastal water depths for the 1% Base Flood Elevation), Riverine Flood Depth Grids (containing riverine water depths), Static Sea Level Rise, and the results of Hazus analyses for Rockingham and Strafford Counties (showing potential annualized losses from flooding). These non-regulatory products will be entered into a Flood Risk Map, Report, and Database, all of which will be available from the FEMA Map Service Center.

Project Lead



Federal Emergency Management Agency

Time Frame

Start: September 13, 2011
End: December 31, 2017

Map example from NH Coastal Risk Map Project (FEMA, NH GRANIT)