Navigating from Concern to Action Using the NOAA Roadmap in NH’s Small Coastal Communities: Newfields

This project helped a small NH coastal community (Newfields) with a volunteer-board government move climate preparedness from concern to action by using the NOAA Roadmap for Adapting to Coastal Risks (NOAA Roadmap). The Roadmap is a community-driven process that expanded capacity in Newfields to respond to climate preparedness through (1) increased knowledge about vulnerabilities of community assets, and (2) awareness of climate adaptation options. As a result, the community has updated their stormwater management regulations, implemented an emergency generator purchasing and installation program for community members, developed and distributed a local extreme weather preparedness calendar, and more.

Project Lead

University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension and New Hampshire Sea Grant


New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Coastal Program

Time Frame

Start: July 1, 2012
End: June 1, 2013

Newfields: Preparing for Climate Change