Building Resilience to Flooding and Climate Change in the Moonlight Brook Watershed of Newmarket

Moonlight Brook is an important tributary of the Lamprey River drainage basin. Several flood resiliency and risk studies have been performed in the Lamprey River watershed including the Moonlight Brook subwatershed. The project team is conducting a two part effort to: 1) to study flood risk associated with climate change as well as how future development and build out of the community affect these risks, and 2) design robust green infrastructure practices within the Moonlight Brook watershed to help reduce risk of flooding while reducing pollutant load into the Brook and further downstream into the Lamprey River and ultimately Great Bay.

Project Lead

Town of Newmarket and Horsley Witten Group


New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Coastal Program

Time Frame

Start: March 1, 2015
End: June 30, 2016

Newmarket flood (credit: Rob Roseen)