NH Coastal Land Conservation for Water Resources

This project builds upon and provides an update to The Land Conservation Plan for New Hampshire’s Coastal Watersheds (2006), which identified land protection priorities on a watershed scale. The purpose of this project is to conduct spatial analyses to identify lands that, if protected, will (1) benefit water quality in the coastal watershed, (2) attenuate flood flows and mitigate flood risks, and (3) secure public drinking water supplies. The results of this project include new data showing land protection priorities that would mitigate flood risk, reduce pollution and improve the protection of drinking water supplies for planners, municipal staff, volunteer board members, land trusts, agency staff, and others.

Project Lead

The Nature Conservancy


New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Coastal Program

Time Frame

Start: March 1, 2015
End: May 1, 2016

NH Coastal Land Conservation for Water Resources map