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Analysis of Flood Damage Cost Avoidance in the Lamprey River Watershed of NH

The primary purpose of this report was to summarize efforts to estimate potential flood damages and cost avoidance for three communities (Raymond, Epping, and Newmarket) within New Hampshire’s Lamprey River watershed as a result of changes in land use and climate. To accomplish this work, previously developed hydrologic and hydraulic models were used to generate flood frequency statistics and inundation maps for an array of model scenarios under different land use and climate change scenarios. Inundation results were then used to estimate resulting economic losses related to buildings for each scenario. A final report provides a summary of previous work, modeling methodologies, analysis, and a discussion of findings. Report findings were presented as a series of graphs, maps, and tables to be used for community outreach and education.

Project Lead

University of New Hampshire and Waterstone Engineering


New Hampshire Sea Grant

Time Frame

Start: February 1, 2014
End: January 1, 2016

Lamprey River Hazus Analysis