The Coastal Adaptation Workgroup would like to announce our new co-chair, Abigail Lyon. Abigail is the Community Technical Assistance Program Manager with the Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership (PREP). She manages the Piscataqua Region Environmental Planning Assessment (PREPA) project and provides municipal technical assistance to improve local regulations and decision-making. Abigail has been a CAW member since 2015. She will officially take the reins as co-chair on January 2, 2020. When we asked Abigail how she felt about her new role she said:
“I am excited to step into a new role as a co-chair for the NH Coastal Adaptation Workgroup (CAW). Over the last four years I have seen first-hand the positive impact CAW has had on our communities working to address climate change impacts, and I look forward to continuing the work to advance adaptation strategies with our communities and partners. Participating in CAW keeps me up to date on what climate challenges our communities are faced with, and the broad network of partners provides an opportunity to think both creatively and collaboratively about how to address those challenges.”
We are excited to have Abigail move into this new role. A big thank you goes out to her for stepping up to the challenge. We are confident she will do well in her new role. Steve Miller, founding member and co-chair of CAW since 2009, stepped down from his role. Steve has been a thoughtful and consistent leader for CAW for over a decade. We are very fortunate that he will continue to be a member of CAW. The leadership change is in keeping with the spirit of term limits. Sherry Godlewski, the other founding member and co-chair, will be stepping down in a year or so. Steve, Abigail and Sherry will work together to ensure there is a smooth transition. Our goal is still the same: to ensure our coastal watershed communities are resourceful, ready, and resilient to extreme weather and long term climate change. Welcome Abigail!!!