By: Sherry Godlewski, NH Department of Environmental Services

Did you know that municipalities, school systems, and some non-profits can purchase electric vehicles (EVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and other higher fuel-economy vehicles off the NH state contract? EVs and PHEVs make sense for light-duty fleet diversification and have been shown to have a lower total cost of ownership than conventional gasoline and diesel vehicles. Plus, there are the added benefits of using less energy and emitting less greenhouse gases and other air pollution.

To see the vehicles available, check out the 2021 Vehicle Index, which includes purchase price, a total-cost-of-ownership analysis, fuel-economy values, and CO2 emissions per mile traveled. The vehicle contract is located on the NH Administrative Services website. If you have questions regarding the contract process, please direct them to Alan Hofmann: Questions concerning the vehicles should be directed to the vehicle dealers.


ELIGIBLE PARTICIPANTS: Political sub-divisions (counties, cities, towns, school districts, special district or precinct, or any other governmental organization), or any nonprofit agency under the provisions of section 501c of the federal internal revenue code, are eligible to participate under this contract whenever said sub-division or nonprofit agency so desires. These entities are autonomous and may participate at their sole discretion. In doing so, they are entitled to the prices established under the contract. However, they are solely responsible for their association with the Contractor. The State of New Hampshire assumes no liability between the Contractor and any of these entities.