Rising TIDEs photo CONTESTS

Raising Sea-Level Rise Awareness in NH

Each year, CAW invites citizens to photograph extreme high tides during its annual photo contest in order to raise awareness of New Hampshire’s rising tides. Photographing high tide flooding gives us a glimpse of what daily water levels could be like in the future

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Winners Gallery

The following gallery of images features winning photos from CAW’s past King Tide photo contests. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to see more photos of New Hampshire’s extreme high tides.

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Coastal flooding is already a serious problem facing coastal #NH communities and conditions are only expected to get worse in the coming decades. #GetSeaLevelWise #RisingTidesNH2021 https://youtu.be/8IcXhURxyUQ

Sea level in NH is rising. Help us raise awareness about sea-level rise by participating in the 2021 Rising Tides Photo Contest on November 5-8. Visit our website for contest details: http://ow.ly/aVDS50GmyhJ #GetSeaLevelWise #RisingTidesNH2021

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