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The mission of the New Hampshire Coastal Adaptation Workgroup is to assist communities in NH’s coastal watershed to prepare for the impacts of extreme weather and long term climate change by providing resources, facilitation, and guidance that enhance readiness and resilience.

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In the news: Coastal Flooding

Weekend storm w/ very high tides https://t.co/7lY06eZNF1
Hampton zoning proposal to reduce flood damage https://t.co/XGvKE6F6Sm
Proposed leg. to help towns deal w/ rising seas https://t.co/Xb9Zx8R0Gk
Hampton FD's new vehicle for flood rescues


As we prepare for #WinterStormHarper, here's a look back at the damage caused by #WinterStormRiley last year. CAW member Kim Reed captured this photo of flood and splashover on Ocean Blvd/ Foss Beach at the end of Washington Road in Rye, NH. #ThrowbackThursday